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Edit12/8/2023Superintend golf: if you say you are going to update the frost delay at 8:30AM then do it on time. this will give the outside gate people time to get to the course. 
Edit6/26/2023Harbor Club Tournament on June 6th Power of three has not been recorder on the points sheet as yet.Will get with Mark to get updated, currently on vacation
Edit6/4/2023Please buy some bunker rakes. Some of the large bunkers have only one rake!Noted, will communicate to Keith about need.
Edit5/25/2023As an MGA member, can I bring a guest to play in two playdays while he is in town.Yes, they need legit HCP to play in game.
Edit1/27/2023The events survey only let me choose one from Bourbon, Scotch, Wine. I would be interested in all three (even at the same time!)We were disappointed to have to cancel the bourbon event, hope to reschedule in next couple of months, thx for interest
Edit7/25/2020Please inform us better as to when the course is closed to us because of outside play/tournaments.This can be found on the Harbor Club calendar which is on the MGA website.
Edit1/30/2020The website calendar is still 2019Waiting on HC Master Calendar
Edit7/21/2019Are there different MGA cup points awarded for winners in the 1st flight of an MGA tournament versus the winners in the 2nd flightNo difference in points awarded in any flight. Points can be different because of ties. If you have any questions please contact our Tournament Chairman, Kenny Hyatt (
Edit6/7/2019How can we play a tournament if the course will be closed aerification. Should we not be playing this on the 15th and 16th of June?Aerifying was moved to accommodate GSGA State Girls Championship. Thanks for your suggestion. We will make sure that does not happen next year.
Edit2/17/2019Max Score and pin placement on 17 in Super RevengeWill add Max Score to next year's instructions. Comment about 17 was forwarded to Jeff Miller.
Edit11/17/2018Could you please put me on the list for the Blue Team Bud StultzThanks Bud. The Blue list of players are the players signed up for last years tournament. The Captains used this list to pair up matches. I took both down until next year.
Edit3/1/2018Your couples golf sign up is not working.Thanks, Fixed
Edit2/26/2017When do tournament results get posted to the website?MGA Tournaments normally a day or two. HC tournaments whenever Pro Shop sends information to Jake
Edit12/1/2016Thanks for your comments and suggestions